Yes, you can challenge a speeding ticket

| Oct 6, 2021 | Traffic Violations

Some people assume that speeding tickets are different from other offenses. That because a machine clocked your speed, you have no way of challenging it. That is not true. There is always a chance you can overturn a ticket for speeding.

When the police ticket you for driving too fast, you need to take swift action. Working out a way to defend against the charge can take time, so the sooner you start, the better.

There are several ways to contest a speeding ticket

Here are some of the ways to fight to avoid the points, fines and possible driving bans that could result from a conviction:

  • They got the wrong person: It may be your car in the photo, but that does not mean you were driving — many people share cars. If the police stopped you after you passed them rather than catching you on camera, there is a chance they followed the wrong car. When the police radio that they are following a black SUV, that description could apply to a host of different models.
  • The speed gun is faulty: Any technology is subject to faults or malfunctions. Equipment the police use to measure speed is no different. Checking the accuracy as well as the calibration and maintenance records is one option to consider.
  • You needed to go fast: Sometimes, it might be the case you admit you were speeding, but then explain the reason you had to be doing so. For example, someone shot your girlfriend, and you were rushing her to the hospital.

It is always worth investigating your defense options for speeding tickets, even if it is your first ever driving offense. Points stay on your license for years, and with cameras and cops everywhere, it is easy to pick up another charge for speeding or some other driving offense in the future. Before you know it, you may have too many points, and the court could take your license away, leaving you carless. If you want to avoid that, it pays to fight every traffic ticket, starting with the first.