Boating violations: Even seemingly small ones are serious matters

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Boating Violations

Enjoying a day out on the water is a great way to enjoy a lovely Florida day. While most people can do this without any problems, there are times when boaters may come into contact with law enforcement. 

When law enforcement officers spot something amiss aboard a vessel, they may write out boating violation charges. These are serious matters because you could lose your right to boat in the state if you’re charged with certain violations. 

What is the careless or reckless operation of a vessel?

A person who isn’t taking the safety of others in their vessel or other vessels into account is being reckless or careless. There are several things that this encompasses, but as a general guideline, anything that’s unsafe can fall under this category. 

Operating the vessel at a speed that’s too fast for the conditions is one example. Some areas in Florida waters have speed limits that must be followed, so you could face legal troubles if you go faster. Navigation laws, such as avoiding the 100 to 300 feet around a diver’s down flag, must be followed or you risk a violation charge.

All vessels on the water must have specific equipment. If a check of the boat determines that there is missing equipment or that something is unusable, legal problems may occur. For example, not having personal flotation devices or a working fire extinguisher can lead to issues. 

Anyone who’s facing a charge related to reckless or careless boating should take swift action. Working with someone who’s familiar with this area of Florida law is beneficial since they can help you to learn your options for handling the matter. The last thing you probably want is to lose your boating privileges or tarnish your record.