Is driving with a suspended license a serious offense in Florida?

| Nov 3, 2021 | License / Registration Violations

Florida is home to some of the nation’s busiest highways and roads, each one connecting people to shopping, work and other activities. For most Doral residents, having a motor vehicle is not a luxury; it is a necessity.

A license suspension can interfere with your ability to manage your day-to-day commitments and responsibilities. Some people choose to drive anyway. However, if caught driving with a suspended license, you can expect the authorities to address the matter seriously.

What can happen to you?

Over the years, states began imposing strict penalties for the offense of driving with a suspended license. In Florida, you could face a $500 fine or a jail term of up to 60 days. In some situations, you could face both penalties or some combination of the two (a $300 fine and 30 days in jail, for example).

What if you did not know your license was suspended?

Unfortunately, lack of knowledge is not a sound defense in most cases because you should have received a notice of the suspension. However, the appropriate Florida statute indicates that driving with a suspended license is a crime when drivers know about it.

The language in the statute suggests it might be possible to defend against driving on a suspended license if you can prove you were unaware of the suspension. Although it may be hard to prove you did know you had lost your driving privileges, it is worth exploring this as a defense.

Seeking knowledge about Florida traffic laws and license suspensions may also help you acquire a satisfactory resolution while helping you get your license reinstated.