Can you drive without a license in an emergency? 

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2022 | Traffic Violations

Your license has been suspended due to previous traffic infractions, so you no longer have it. You know that this means that you’re not supposed to drive until the suspension is lifted and you regain your license again.

But then an emergency situation occurs. For example, maybe your spouse is pregnant, and they go into labor. You know you need to get them to the hospital quickly, so you decide to drive anyway. Is it permissible to do this if there’s an emergency, even though you no longer have your license – or you at least don’t have it at the moment?

It is still illegal

As you may have guessed, driving in an emergency is still prohibited. It’s illegal both for unlicensed drivers and for those who have a license suspension. The fact that there is an emergency does not change the law in any sense, and you could still face fines and other ramifications if you’re caught.

This is similar to how you’re not allowed to break other traffic laws in an emergency. People will sometimes speed on the way to the hospital, or they may choose to run through a stop sign. While it is understandable that the emergency would make them do this, that also doesn’t change the traffic laws and so they could face charges from the police.

However, the fact that you were only doing what you did in an emergency may be something that you want to bring up during your court case. It shows that you did not have malicious intent. Be sure you know about all of your legal defense options at a time like this.