What happens when careless driving causes a crash?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2022 | Traffic Violations

The definitions used for some traffic offenses are straightforward. Speeding, for example, occurs when a driver operates a motor vehicle at higher speeds than the posted limit for the road. Other traffic offenses are more interpretive. They leave the classification of the traffic offense to the police officer conducting a traffic stop or responding to the scene of a crash.

Allegations of careless driving sometimes arrive after collisions. When happens when careless driving plays a role in a Florida wreck?

Florida has a specific definition for careless driving

Careless driving is a specific citation that a police officer can issue based on their interpretation of behavior in traffic. Florida state statutes define careless driving as behavior that is not careful and prudent.

Drivers who do not clearly demonstrate that their focus is on safety at the wheel could find themselves facing allegations of careless driving. The offense carries a fine of up to $500 and can also affect what you pay for insurance. What impact would careless driving have on the outcome of a crash?

Careless driving can affect fault or recovery

If neither driver openly violated traffic laws, an officer determining that one of the drivers was careless might mean that driver is ultimately responsible for the crash that occurred. In situations where one driver committed a clear traffic infraction and the other was careless, the careless driver could have their recovery from a personal injury lawsuit reduced to reflect how much their carelessness contributed to the collision in the eyes of the courts.

While you may drive every day with no incidents and have a perfect driving record, it only takes a few moments of carelessness combined with bad habits on the part of another driver to lead to a catastrophic collision that could affect many lives. Remaining alert and attentive at the wheel will both help you avoid a crash and reduce your chances of being liable for any collision that does occur.

Drivers in Florida can protect themselves by focusing on safety whenever they drive, carrying enough insurance for their own protection and knowing their rights in case they ever experience a motor vehicle collision. Knowing the different kinds of citations you might receive and the possible impact of a ticket may prompt you to fight that citation in court.