3 ways you can fight a red light camera ticket in Florida 

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Red Light Camera Tickets

When you get a red light camera ticket through the mail, it can be tempting to simply pay the fine without challenging it. There’s no point in fighting it, right? 

Actually, there may be a very good reason why you should. Here are three ways you can fight a ticket for setting off a red light camera. 

1. It might not be your car that set off the camera

At busy intersections, traffic is moving so fast that it can be difficult to see which car set off the camera. 

If there’s more than one car in the photograph attached to your notice of violation, you can argue that you are not the one liable. 

2. The pictures taken aren’t clear

The photograph needs to clearly show that you were driving and your license plate number in order to prove that you’re responsible for the violation.  

If the picture isn’t clear, you can argue it’s not you driving or that it isn’t your car. 

3. You had a legitimate reason for running the light

Police cannot prosecute you for running a red light if you had a legitimate reason for doing so. These reasons include you were: 

  • Trying to avoid an accident with another vehicle or person
  • Rushing to get to a hospital
  • Yielding to an emergency vehicle

For each of the above, you’ll have to show proof of your actions. This might take the form of witness evidence of bystanders, passengers, or other drivers. 

When you receive a notice of a traffic violation, you have 60 days to either pay or contest it. The first thing you should do is check if all the information is correct. The notice will contain a link to a video of the offense online for you to view. If you feel like there is no violation, or have a genuine reason for it, you should fight it.