What is improper passing?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Traffic Violations

You can be cited for improper passing under Florida law. Many drivers don’t realize this and may not even know that they have made a mistake when they get pulled over. As a result, it’s important to know what an improper pass looks like so that you know if the charges are valid.

In some ways, improper passing is similar to things like aggressive or reckless driving. It just becomes clear to the police officer that the driver has made a mistake, especially if they have caused an accident. Here are a few examples of how it could happen.

Not passing with enough space

First of all, all passes on two-lane roads need to be done with enough space that oncoming traffic is not impacted. If the oncoming cars even have to slow down to make the pass possible, then the driver performing that pass is in the wrong. They needed to wait for a larger gap.

Passing on the wrong side

Another issue could be if someone is passing on the right on the interstate. Slow traffic is supposed to stay to the right, while vehicles that are passing are supposed to use the left lane. Camping out in the left lane is prohibited, as is passing those vehicles on the right.

Passing on the shoulder

Of course, drivers also need to stay on the roadway at all times. There will be instances, especially in a traffic jam, where someone will attempt to pass on the shoulder. They may believe that it’s safe to do so, but it is highly dangerous and illegal.

If you are facing a citation for illegal passing, be sure you know what steps you can take. Any citation can have an impact on your driving record.