Defending against red light camera tickets in Florida

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2023 | Red Light Camera Tickets

Many people plead guilty when the state accuses them of traffic infractions. This is partially because many drivers in Florida don’t realize that paying a fine is the equivalent of pleading guilty to a traffic violation. However, that is exactly what happens when someone pays a fine after receiving a ticket. They accept the penalties that the state may impose, including licensing consequences if they accumulate too many tickets in a short amount of time.

The state is generally eager to convince drivers to pay their tickets, including citations issued because of what red light cameras capture. These cameras have sensors that allow them to take pictures if someone moves through the intersection when they should have stopped at a red light. It’s important for motorists to understand that someone who has been issued a ticket because of a red light camera can fight back.

The evidence determines the best strategy

There is little question that the cameras used to enforce traffic rules are higher-quality than security and traffic cameras were just a few years ago. They can capture high-resolution images of a vehicle, including its license plate.

However, simply being able to identify a vehicle does not automatically mean that the person who registered that vehicle is the one who broke the law. Particularly when someone has a tinted windshield and makes their vehicle accessible to others, they may have grounds for a defense against a ticket related to a red light camera. Those who can prove they were elsewhere at the time a camera took a picture could raise questions about who was in the driver’s seat at the time of the picture.

Reviewing the specific details of when and where a red light captured a vehicle allegedly breaking traffic laws can be an important starting point for those who want to fight a recent citation. Seeking legal guidance can be very helpful as well.