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Defending yourself against claims of careless driving

Everyone has days where they don’t drive as well as they should. You might be distracted by something upsetting that happened at work or be hurrying home to make dinner for visiting family. Whatever the issue is, most people have times where they make mistakes on the...

Reckless driving: Fines and penalties

Reckless driving is a crime that can lead to serious penalties in Florida. According to the Florida Statutes, reckless driving occurs when someone drives a vehicle in wanton or willful disregard of others’ safety or property. It’s also possible to be convicted of...

Yes, you can challenge a speeding ticket

Some people assume that speeding tickets are different from other offenses. That because a machine clocked your speed, you have no way of challenging it. That is not true. There is always a chance you can overturn a ticket for speeding. When the police ticket you for...