Charged With A Boating Violation In Florida?

When you put someone else in harm’s way through reckless or careless boating, you are at risk of incurring a range of penalties, including fines, impoundment of your boat and possibly jail time. It is always worth your while to get legal counsel as soon as possible after being charged with a boating violation.

At 305 Ticket Defense, we do not recommend that you take your time to think about it and decide whether to see a lawyer. Rather, get legal advice right away so that you will understand your options, the risks that you face and potential defense strategies that may protect your rights. Early representation may result in your charges of reckless boating or boating while intoxicated (BUI) being dismissed altogether.

What Is Reckless Or Careless Boating?

A definition of reckless or careless boating may include operation of a boat or vessel or any water skis, aquaplane, or similar device that displays a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property. Specifically, it means operating the vessel or device at a speed or in a manner that endangers a person or property.

Occurrences of careless or reckless boating may include:

  • Boating within 100-300 feet of a diver’s down flag
  • Operating a boat with improper or insufficient safety equipment such as personal flotation devices (PFDs), visual distress signals, fire extinguishers, backfire flame control, a sound-producing device, vessel lighting and/or ventilation

Operating a boat unsafely can result in misdemeanor charges that could result in the impoundment of your boat, along with other penalties. The precise minimum required safety equipment that you should use when boating depends on the size and type of vessel operated.

The penalty for operating a boat with any missing or faulty equipment is a fine ranging from $50 to $1000 per missing or faulty equipment depending on the item.

A Skilled Defender Can Make All The Difference

Enlist the help of an experienced defense attorney from 305 Ticket Defense to fight your boating violation charges. For more than 25 years, our team has helped countless clients obtain favorable outcomes.

Preserve your boating privileges and your clean record. After receiving a boating violation citation, call 305-900-5394 or send an email message. We are ready to begin evaluating your case and devising a defense strategy designed to protect your interests.