A Florida Firm Getting Results In A Variety Of Driving-Related Cases

In addition to representing clients cited for speeding, reckless driving and DUI, our legal team assists people facing various legal problems related to the operation of motor vehicles. These cases involve suspended driver’s licenses, car registration violations and bench warrants that may trigger the suspension of driving privileges.

In all cases, our legal team seeks solutions with the lowest penalties and best long-term prospects for a fresh start. For more than 25 years, our firm has provided answers and help to residents and visitors in Florida who have received traffic tickets and encountered related legal problems such as driver’s license defense.

Bring Your Case To Our Attention, And Learn How We Can Help

Our services include counsel and representation in the following types of cases:

Bench warrants: A judge may have issued a warrant stating that you failed to appear in court for some reason. Our defense attorney can file the right motion(s) to vacate the bench warrant as soon as possible.

Driver’s license: Have you been driving without a driver’s license or while your driver’s license was expired or suspended? Let us help you get this resolved in a way that may restore your driving privilege properly and in a timely manner.

Auto registration: Were you cited for driving with expired tabs or in a vehicle that you had failed to register? Perhaps the license tag on your car does not belong to that vehicle. Perhaps it is registered to someone else, and when you were stopped by the police, you were cited because you lacked documentation of a sale or loan. Find the solution that will keep you out of trouble and get you back on the road.

Whatever your legal circumstances, we will pursue the most convenient, decisive resolution of your traffic-related case while protecting you from a criminal record if at all possible.

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We hope to hear from you if you need help with any of the case types described on this webpage or any other issues that may impede your driving privileges. We offer popular payment options such as Cash App and Zelle. Call 305-900-5394 or send an email message to arrange to meet with an experienced defense attorney.