Representing Tourists And Other Out-Of-State Drivers In Florida

If you received a traffic ticket while vacationing or working temporarily in Florida, your defense must do double duty. You must find the most efficient resolution of your ticket in Florida – ideally, without having to return to Florida if you are already back in your home state – and you must do so in a way that will prevent repercussions where you live.

At 305 Ticket Defense, we provide information and access to the advocacy that you need if you are an out-of-state driver with a Florida-issued traffic ticket to resolve. For more than 25 years, our firm has stood for protecting drivers and their driving privileges. Our experience makes us a smart choice for visitors to Florida.

About Violation Points And Your Florida Traffic Ticket

You may be a “snowbird” who spends winters in Florida and summers back in your home state. Or you may have come to Florida to visit Disney World, play golf or engage in work-related activities. You have a strong interest in protecting your driving record in Florida as well as in your usual state of residence. Visitors spending any length of time in our state have good reasons to defend themselves vigorously after receiving a speeding or reckless driving ticket in Florida.

Fighting a ticket that you got while on vacation in Florida or while working here temporarily may be crucial to keep violation points off your home state record. Depending on the rules in your own state, not fighting a ticket that you received here can mean that you will incur “double points” from the ticket: in your home state and here in Florida.

Obviously, a “simple speeding ticket” can create more complications than you may anticipate after being cited for a violation while in Florida. Take care of it with our help. For qualifying drivers, we pledge to get results or return legal fees. Ask us if you qualify in your initial consultation.

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To schedule a conversation with an attorney, call 305-900-5394 or send an email message. Learn how we can help you keep violation points off your record in your home state as well as Florida after being ticketed here.